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Addicted to Joy

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The film is available on-demand from this website. Watch just the movie, a single interview, or select your favorite interview combined with the movie.

What fans are saying!

"A wonderful documentary about the cultural history of surfing. If you are a surfer, you'll love this deep dive historical exploration and for everyone else, you will learn a great deal about this fascinating sport."

-Michaela on Nextdoor

"If you love and understand the patience the ocean can bring when you’re aware, see this gem of a film."


-Sally on Facebook

"Master piece of history"

-Darrick Doerner

"This a wonderful history of the wave walkers, their spiritual roots, and their connection to the earth, wind, and water. Great stuff on the origins, evolution, and thinking of the men/women who made it happen, both in the shop and on the water.

Worth WAY more than $5.99 and an hour of your time IMO."

-Dave on Facebook


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