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We are excited to present 3 special screening events for Addicted to Joy. Each screening contains the film and a special 20 minute interview only available at each screening event. 

Screening 1   June 22nd

7PM PDT With Patti Paniccia

More About Patti - Patti Grew up in Huntington Beach and moved with her family to Hawaii in the late 60's. She was the first women director of the first surfing tour. She describes the challenges and pay inequality between the men's and women's tour.

Screening 2   June 24th

7PM PDT  With  Paul Strauch Jr.

More About Paul - Native Hawaiian Paul Strauch Jr grew in Honolulu in the 1950's. In this special screening Paul shares his Hawaiian upbringing and the sacredness of the ocean.

Screening 3   June 28th

7PM PDT With Kathy Kohner

More About Kathy - Kathy Kohner is a true American Pop Icon with an idealistic look at life on the waves in Malibu in the 1950's. Kathy's diary has become the start of the Million dollar surf industry.

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