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Everything has a beginning.

When this project began, I wasn’t looking for a documentary to produce. I was happy shooting music videos and doing promotional work for local Santa Cruz musicians. During a video for The Carolyn Sills Combo, the studio owner asked me to photograph some of the amazing surfboards that were hanging in the ceiling (photo by David Reese).

What started out as an idea for a coffee table book, quickly turned into a documentary film project. During the first few months I was so smitten with the people I was interviewing and the stories they were relating, I committed to the project full time. I began to look at myself as a collector of pixels. I wasn’t sure the direction the film would take, what to call it or if I would even go further, but I was on fire to tell the story.

I’m going to continue this blog with tales and images from my journey with Addicted to Joy, I don’t see myself as the “creator” or “owner”. I am only the steward who has been given this story to tell…..more soon Richard

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